Message from Chairman

Ladies and Gentleman,

First of all, I am not only very much thankful but also cordially grateful to all the shareholders and stakeholders who have contributed to our endeavor in various ways with trust and believe that assisted to complete Upper Hugdi Hydropower Project ( 5 MW), promoted by Ru Ru Jalabidhyut Pariyojana Pvt. Ltd. with 85% share of Sahas Hydro Power Company Ltd, in Gulmi district of Nepal. In the meantime, I have a message to convey to all interested national and international entrepreneurs and investors that we can make a fresh investment in hydropower projects in Nepal. I feel no hesitation and it should not be exaggeration to claim that almost all the hydro projects in Nepal are profitable. Since rivers in Nepal are geographically and technically feasible for generating hydroelectricity, a huge amount of hydropower can be generated from our steep rivers and it can be exported to earn foreign currencies.

It is not a hidden fact that in spite of the huge potentiality of generating hydropower in our country, we are under the chronic power shortage and thereby facing the power cut of more than 16 hours a day. Although we have a large number of water resources to produce hydroelectricity, we are struggling on 730 MW (approx) hydropower so far. But the current power demand in Nepal is more than double of its installation. As a result, industries requiring electric power are being shutdown due to the acute shortage of electric power and hence we are becoming less competent in industrial sector day by day. Ultimately, it has adverse impacts on the overall economic growth of the nation with appalling predicament of unemployment. Therefore, in order to flourish industrial development in Nepal, it is not only necessary but also need of the time to uplift and promote various industries by addressing the demand of sustainable hydropower. It is obvious that, in our country, there are no any viable alternatives of power generation other than hydropower in order to address the energy demand for a long term and there is no doubt to say that hydropower is the ultimate source of energy in Nepal. Thus, our next project Solu khola (Dudhkoshi) HPE-86MW is under construction.

Finally, I would like to invite all the national and international investors to join hands with us in order to address the current power crisis in Nepal. I am fully confirmed that our small contribution to this venture will be more than enough to develop our society and ultimately the nation. Please come, let’s go ahead hand in hand for our humble effort!


- Mr. Him Prasad Pathak

Sahas Urja Ltd.